re:publica, Europe’s largest conference on weblogs, social media, and digital society, is opening its doors from 6 – 8 May at STATION-Berlin. re:publica defines itself as a political, cultural, and, particularly, as a very young event which, since its 2007 founding as a 700 visitor strong blogger get-together, has evolved into to THE event for internet enthusiasts and professionals.

In 2014 and with its motto INTO THE WILD, re:publica will explore unexpected tech-solutions, unique impulses from the worlds of science, business and politics, as well as untamed internet culture. The revelations by whistle-blower Edward Snowden are the latest sign that a re-examination of the usual approaches and methods is urgently needed. Veering from the well-trodden path also means new co-operations and re:publica is happy to introduce three partners for 2014: MEDIA CONVENTION BERLIN, DROIDCON and LINUXTAG will take place in the re:publica venue.


Event title: re:publica 2014
Date: 6th till 8th May
Location: STATION-Berlin
Target group: everybody