Product Owner Dojo & Product Launchpad – 7.11.2012

Product Owner Dojo & Product Launchpad

To Launch your product and delight your customers we’re offering a 3-day hands-on course, where you will learn about the art of being a great Product Owner. We will provide a space for learning consisting of training, mentoring, networking and coaching, and you will learn how to launch a product to delight your customers. The core of the training is an experience of Agile with a holistic perspective – not only Scrum – on product development extended by a third day, where we will help you to launch your team and project. There is an option to continue in a mentor group beyond the training event. We provide deep knowledge and guidance of how to lead the change towards a successful and fulfilling Product Owner stance.

Product Owner Dojo & Product Launchpad @ Betahaus
Mi, 7.11.2012 08:30
Fr, 9.11.2012 18:30
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20, 10969, Berlin (Kreuzberg), Germany
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